COVID-19 Risk in ONcology Evaluation Tool

CORONET is an online tool to support decisions regarding hospital admissions or discharge in cancer patients presenting with symptoms of COVID-19 and the likely severity of illness. It is based on real world patient data. This the 2nd version of the model. Detailed information as to how version 2 of the tool was created and details regarding the datasets can be found in the JCO clinical cancer informatics. Version 1 is available at medRxiv. We would be grateful for feedback as to utility of this tool (email or tweet @beckilee @CORONET). Version 2 uses data from many countries and new analysis has resulted in an update of the features important for the model and a validation on an external cohort of cancer patients. The model was recently validated on the Omicron variant (details in Cancers).

CORONET asks for some details about the patient, their cancer and blood test results on presentation to hospital with symptoms of COVID-19. It then uses data about the admission, requirement for oxygen and survival of similar patients in the past to show likely outcome of the patient.

CORONET is intended for use by health care professionals or by patients and their families in consultation with a medical professional.

CORONET is based on data from cancer patients presenting with COVID-19. It is designed to support decisions as to whether patients should be admitted due to COVID-19 but not for a cancer related problem. Of note it does not take into account new treatments for COVID-19, which may alter the clinical course - this will be a feature that will be added in future versions.

Patient Details
Number of Comorbidities:
ECOG Performance Status pre-COVID state immediately before getting infected :
Albumin (g/L):
C-Reactive Protein (mg/L):
Neutrophils (x109/L):
Platelets (x109/L):
Lymphocytes (x109/L):